Using with Resharper

Code actions

If you are not able to access MappingGenerator actions via the VisualStudio context menu (ctr + .) or Resharper context menu (alt + enter), please verify your Resharper settings related to Visual Studio Integration or Visual Studio code analysis (depends on the R# version). For more information please check issue#50

Resharper settings

Code suggestions

MappingGenerator offers some code suggestions based on the CompletionProvider which should be available as Intellisense. However, after installing R#, the Visual Studio IntelliSense is replaced completely by the one provided by R#. This also blocks all suggestions provided by the Roslyn extensions. There are two ways to bring them back:

1) Switch Intellisense in R# options back to Visual Studio version (suggestion should appear for ctr +space):

2) Restore the original Visual Studio suggestion menu (ctr + j) by unchecking the following option: