Visual Studio

Currently, Mapping Generator supports Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio 2019, and Visual Studio 2022. All features should be available when the extension is installed in the form of VSIX (Visual Studio Extension), which is the only recommended option. Using MappingGenerator from the nuget package results in limited functionality and doesn’t support premium features.

Download installer for Visual Studio 2017 and 2019

Download installerfor Visual Studio 2022


For the Rider users, MappingGenerator is distributed in the form of nuget package. It can be installed in a regular way per project or you can install it for a group of projects by creating Directory.Build.props file under your root directory (for example in the directory where you keep all your repositories) with the following content:

    <PackageReference Include="MappingGenerator" Version="2021.6.18" />

You can read more about customizing builds with Directory.Build.props here. Currently, Rider doesn’t support loading CodeFixes from nuget packages, which results in limited functionality of MappingGenerator. You can track the issue here #RIDER-38610. Check the Features availability overview table for more details.

MappingGenerator on nuget


VSCode support for Roslyn extensions is quite complicated from the user’s perspective. It can load Analyzers and CodeFixes from the nuget package referenced by the project but the Refactorings need to be imported via a separated mechanism. This complication affects the installation process because MappingGenerator utilizes CodeFixes and Refactorings. To get access to the complete set of MappingGenerator features you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Install MappingGenerator nuget package (check the instruction for Rider users)
  2. Update your %USERPROFILE%/.omnisharp/omnisharp.json config file (create it if doesn’t exist) to reference \analyzers\dotnet\cs\ directory from MappingGenerator nuget package installation folder:
      "RoslynExtensionsOptions": {
         "LocationPaths": [

After updating MappingGenerator package version, you need to remember to update nuget package path in omnisharp.json file.